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MØBIUS: Transforming medication management for improved patient safety

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - MOBIUS (MØBIUS: Transforming medication management for improved patient safety)

Reporting period: 2018-05-01 to 2018-08-31

MØBIUS has been developed by Thula, an award-winning IT company based in Iceland, with the mission of providing first class e-health solutions for medication management, prescriptions, logistics and electronic exchange of healthcare information.

Pharmacies, hospitals and long-term healthcare facilities across the world face enormous challenges related to managing safety and cost of medicines. Thousands of patients die or are seriously harmed each year from errors in the medicines management process, which also are a huge financial burden on healthcare systems.

Our project MØBIUS responds to the vast need for improvement in overall efficiency, precision, security and cost savings at drug management practices within hospitals and pharmacies.

Our goal is to customise and improve MØBIUS for commercialisation in the European market, adding major new functionalities and packaging the solution as a fully commercial product.
During the feasibility study we designed a work plan for the integration of our breakthrough Alfa and eMed technologies and the implementation of the new functionalities that will make it possible to have a single integrated platform, MØBIUS.

In order to understand the feasibility of launching MØBIUS in the European market we conducted an in-depth analysis of the market, its dynamics, environment, target customers and competitors, as well as the barriers that we foresee and the ways to overcome them. We have also updated the Freedom To Operate Analysis to ensure the freedom to exploit MØBIUS.
Mobius will offer a value proposition to hospital pharmacies within five major areas: operational efficiency, patient safety, traceability, integration and transparency.
The production and commercialization of MØBIUS represents for Thula a bright opportunity to improve our product to enable a better medication system and increase of patient safety in line with the European policies that foster health care digitalisation.