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My Science - Our Science


"The impact of researchers’ work on society and citizens has never been more apparent than now. At the same time, there is an impending risk of loosing citizens’ trust in science, due to incresed amount of misinformation about science and research. Therefore, it is important to promote the key role that researchers have for the development and growth of our societies in a national and international context, and for keeping the public informed about critical challenges and scientific discoveries that have an impact on our daily lives. In Iceland, science has a crucial role to play in a society that relies to a great extent on nature and responsible use of natural resources, from renewable energy and sustainable blue growth to the societal and cultural implications of living in coastal communites. In order to ensure and facilitate interaction with the public and society at large, the project ""My Science – Our Science"" aims to organise European Researchers Night in Iceland with the aim to invite researchers to engage with the public to communicate their work, their passion and their findings in order to increase the awareness of research and innovation activities. The objective is to enhance a positive public perception of researchers by facilitiating an open and active dialogue between researchers and citizens of all ages, especially focusing on children and young people that could consider a research career. In addition to higlighting the importance of researchers’ work, the initiative provides a rare opportunity for researchers to communicate directly with the public at all ages and even to involve citizens in the road to scientific discoveries, thus contributing to the transparency of their work and enhancing the attractiveness of scientific careers, which is instrumental in encouraging young people to embark on a career in research."


Net EU contribution
€ 175 000,00
Borgartuni 30
105 Reykjavik

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Activity type
Public bodies (excluding Research Organisations and Secondary or Higher Education Establishments)
Non-EU contribution
€ 87 505,00