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Content archived on 2023-01-04

European Centre for the validation of alternative methods


ECVAM will be required to provide support for the Commission in relation to Directive 86/609/EEC, and detailed information for the European Parliament and Member States with regard to the scientific development pre-validation, formal validation and regulatory acceptability of non-animal tests.

ECVAM will also coordinate and facilitate validation activities at the European level, through the design and management of international interlaboratory studies, though internal pre-validation studies, aimed at protocol development and assessment, and through the collection, processing and analysis of in vitro, QSAR and in vivo data.

ECVAM will collaborate with other organizations, not only by participating in actual validation studies, but also in the selection of appropriate sets of test chemicals for use in blind trials. ECVAM will then purchase, code and supply chemicals to the laboratories participating in such blind trials, and will then receive and analyse the results obtained.


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