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Opening new markets for Single Quantum Photodetectors

Opening new markets for Single Quantum Photodetectors


Scientific experiments and medical diagnostics rely heavily on optical measurements. Live imaging with high detection efficiency, high time resolution and low noise level will disrupt existing imaging technologies. Current technologies cannot meet these challenges as light detectors suffers from poor performances. Single Quantum pioneered a ground-breaking new technology based on detecting single photons with superconducting nanowires, combining the world’s highest detection efficiency with time resolution and noise performances without any compromises. We already sold 70 systems to universities and research institutes. This project has been developed to enhance this system for the larger industrial domain, focusing initially on bioimaging. The scientific bioimaging market is worth €500m/year and a market share of 35% is anticipated. Due to our current strong position here, Single Quantum will be the main supplier of single photon detectors. We will use this position as a mean for entering the larger market of clinical diagnostics imaging. The clinical diagnostics imaging market for Single Quantum is worth €4,070m/year with an expected market share of 10%. Our strategy is to validate our technology with bioimaging scientists for application of our detectors in diagnostic or therapeutic technologies. Our strategy to deal with direct and indirect competition is to approach OEM imaging systems manufacturers and offer them the opportunity to use our detection units in their systems. Single Quantum has the dream team in place to upscale this revolutionary technology with the best available minds in the field of single photon detectors, and decades of experience in developing and commercialising high-tech products. We grew the team from 3 to 24 in six years’ time. Seven employees hold a PhD in Physics. In this project a limited investment in the adaptation of the product will be performed to address the specific needs specified by the User Group.
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    1 April 2019

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    31 March 2021

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