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Local training network: Netherlands Earth System Science Centre: “NESSC”

Local training network: Netherlands Earth System Science Centre: “NESSC”


Forecasting the magnitude of future global warming is among the great scientific challenges. Model estimates of long-term warming resulting from a doubling of the CO2 concentration relative to the pre-industrial era range between 1.5 and 4.5 °C. This large uncertainty may represent the difference between the melting or conservation of large continental ice sheets, and between habitable and inhabitable regions.
NESSC, the Netherlands Earth System Science Center, addresses climate-related research questions, dealing with past, present and future interactions between the geosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere and atmosphere. Specifically, NESSC studies the response of the Earth System to perturbations and will merge information obtained from past climate, using climate proxies, with data and models for the modern climate. NESSC brings together renowned experts in the fields of palaeoclimate proxies, climate reconstructions, biogeochemistry, microbiology, and theory and modelling of climate. These experts join forces to obtain novel insights in climate research. All scientists involved have ample experience with supervising PhD students and leading successful research groups.
Through COFUND NESSC will expand its research and training programme internationally, with an additional 13 Early Stage Researchers. NESSC will significantly advance our understanding of the Earth System functioning in the future. The COFUND programme is tightly connected with multiple national and international partner organisations, each providing complementary research and/or training. Through COFUND NESSC will maintain and further expand its excellent worldwide position.
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    1 April 2019

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    31 March 2024

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