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RESILIENCE: Understanding the role of resources in building resilience in marketing systems of refugee-run businesses in Europe


People are increasingly moving across national borders, where many of these people are refugees fleeing natural disasters, war, and persecution. This proposed project will investigate the impact of refugee-run small-scale businesses on resilience of marketing systems within refugee settlements, where resilience is the ability of a system to recover in the face of disturbances. This project will specifically seek to understand the resource sets in the marketing system in relation to resilience through employing an integrated capitals framework that includes nine resources (financial, physical, social, natural, human, cultural, public, political, and health) and bridges seven existing capitals frameworks from academia and practice. This work will be qualitative in nature: The researcher will engage in longitudinal fieldwork to collect observational and interview-based data in a refugee settlement in Europe and inductively analyse this data towards the creation of theoretical models. The resulting theory will further academic understanding of resilience, marketing systems, and involved resources, while aiming to create actionable models that can be used to strengthen economic activities related to refugees. This work aligns with the European Commission’s (EC) 2018-2020 Work Programme research priorities related to social and economic effects of migration (SC6). Further, the running of small businesses is considered by the EC to be of key importance towards supporting refugees’ integration in Europe, while resilience is named as a part of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals related to communities. As such, furthering our understanding of refugee-run businesses in relation to resilience within marketing systems is important to the refugees themselves, their host countries, and the public and private sector, and thus to the future of Europe and for the wider global community.
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    10 July 2019

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    9 July 2021

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