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Molecular Magnets: Coordination Cages, Frameworks and Multifunctional Materials

Molecular Magnets: Coordination Cages, Frameworks and Multifunctional Materials


The vision is to build molecule-based magnetic coordination cages and their related 3D frameworks possessing permanent cavities capable of hosting magnetic, redox- and photo-active guests for the construction of controllable multifunctional materials with potential application in information storage, quantum computation and molecular spintronics.
The specific objectives are:
(1) To build coordination cages and molecule-based framework materials possessing permanent cavities with both diamagnetic and paramagnetic metal centres.
(2) To employ theoretical modelling to predict the appropriate host-guest combinations.
(3) To employ solution-based techniques, particularly NMR spectroscopy, to examine the host-guest chemistry of the diamagnetic cages and frameworks, in tandem with theory to inform what paramagnetic host-guest capsules and frameworks should be targeted.
(4) To spectroscopically investigate the solution host-guest behaviour of paramagnetic cages.
(5) To construct empty magnetic coordination capsules and molecule-based materials, to elucidate their solid-state structures via single crystal X-ray crystallography, and to investigate their magnetic behavior with a battery of techniques.
(6) To examine the magnetic behaviour of cages and framework materials containing redox-active/radical linker ligands in the host framework.
(7) To examine the magnetic behaviour of cages and frameworks encapsulating redox/photo-active/magnetic guests.
(8) To examine the magnetic properties of cages and frameworks encapsulating guests that can accept numerous electrons and to monitor the effects that a variable number of electric charges placed on the guest has on the static and dynamic magnetic properties of the host.
(9) To explore the controlled switching (on/off) of the spin-spin interactions between host and guest via the charge state of the guest.
(10) To computationally model all magnetic and spectroscopic data, and to elucidate magneto-structural correlations.
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    5 January 2022

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