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Holography for Asymptotically Flat Spacetimes

Holography for Asymptotically Flat Spacetimes


Even after more than 100 years Einstein’s theory of General Relativity still resists a complete understanding at the quantum level. Holographic dualities between theories of quantum gravity and quantum field theories such as the Anti-de Sitter/Conformal Field Theory correspondence have revolutionised the way we think about both subjects since its discovery. However, holographic applications to other – more realistic – setups such as asymptotically flat spacetimes still provide a fundamental challenge in theoretical physics.

The aim of this project is to overcome this challenge by developing new holographic tools that involve the entire boundary of asymptotically flat spacetimes. The long-term goal of FlatHolo is to apply these tools to spacetimes such as e.g. the Schwarzschild or the Kerr-Newman black hole in order to gain a deeper understanding of these objects at a quantum level. The short-term goals of developing a concise framework for a putative dual quantum field theory and consequently relating boundary entanglement with bulk geometry are also of high interest for other scientific communities that are unravelling the intriguing relations between quantum information and geometry.

This proposal combines my current expertise on non-AdS holography with extensive training by leading experts on various aspects of holography involving asymptotically flat spacetimes at Harvard University. The final stage of the project will be conducted at the University of Vienna whose complementary expertise on higher-spins, holography and gravitational physics provides the perfect environment to transfer my knowledge and skills gained during the outgoing phase. The outcomes of this project will be essential for a deeper understanding of holography in more realistic setups and will allow me to proceed with the next step in my career and reach professional maturity by qualifying for a permanent position as an independent researcher at a European research institution.
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    1 October 2019

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    30 September 2022

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