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Smart Textile foR hEAlth Monitoring

Smart Textile foR hEAlth Monitoring


"Textiles evolved around two initial purposes (protection and aesthetic), while the contemporary research focuses on integrating functionality and comfort into the textile products. Using textiles in healthcare applications provides a convenient means for a continuous monitoring of patients with non-obtrusive devices that have an access to all areas of the body. This allows a mapping of physiological parameters over the entire body, leading to innovative products required by two Europe 2020 Strategy Flagship Initiatives. Optical fiber sensors (OFS) offer many advantages over sensors that require electrical conductivity; however, there is an urge to introduce and test new materials that compensate for their shortcomings. This project builds upon (and goes beyond) the current state-of-the-art and introduces effective, yet simple, methods to synergistically tackle three challenges of OFS, namely: sensitivity, distributed sensory, and production technology. A ""sensitive cladding"" will be developed to allow localized as well as remote responses for external stimulants. This will be achieved by incorporating thermochromes and other functional molecules into the polymeric system. The OFS will be produced using a novel microfluidic device that allows a precise control for fiber's morphology. The developed sensors will be integrated into textiles to monitor skin temperature and alarm against (sub)cutaneous tumors/cancers.
The multi-disciplinary nature of this project will diversify my (technical and soft) skills through hands-on as well as through-research trainings. Particularly with the optical performance of fibrous systems, which will ensure establishing myself as an independent researcher in the field of smart wearable devices. Disseminating and exploiting the results of this research will bring long-term benefits and innovative products for many applications beyond the textile field, and it will introduce me to the industrial sector with its new career opportunities."
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    1 September 2020

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    31 August 2022

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    € 203 149,44

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