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Integrating torrefaction of pulp and paper industry sludge with microbial conversion: A new approach to produce bioenergy carriers and biochemicals in a view of bio and circular economy.

Project description

Using pulp and paper industry sludge for coal alternatives

Torrefaction improves the fuel characteristics of biomass and torrefied pellets can be an alternative to coal. However, at this stage, these pellets are not cost competitive to coal. On the other hand, pulp and paper industries (PPI) produce a lot of organic residues, and handling them is associated with environmental and economic issues. The TOPIS-BioCirc project will study the feasibility of torrefaction of PPI sludge (PPIS) and integrating it with microbial conversion to produce bio-coal, bio-methane and volatile fatty acids. The fuel characteristics of torrefied PPIS will be established. The applicability of torrefaction condensate to produce bio-methane and volatile fatty acids will be studied and then compared with anaerobic digestion of PPIS. Later, process simulation will be carried out to investigate the overall feasibility of the process at industrial scale. Using PPI’s organic residues in this manner will reduce waste, increase sustainability of resources and allows to produce sustainable bio-products.

Call for proposal

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Kreutzwaldi 1
51014 Tartu
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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€ 154 193,28