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New twin floating platform for offshore wind turbines

New twin floating platform for offshore wind turbines


"""Wind power has established itself in recent years as a clean alternative to conventional sources of electrical generation.
Reduced costs and further technical development led to the deployment in the sea over the past decade. Offhsore, the wind resource is higher and more constant, allowing higher unitary power turbines operate a higher yield. However, the marine environment also imposes a number of constraints and challenges. Current technologies are fixed to the seabed, using different types of foundations, howere most of wind resources are located in deeper waters, where floating solutions are needed.
Because of their initial higher costs, these solutions are still under development, with only a few prototypes installed worldwide. Nowadays, the challenge is to reduce the costs of floating wind turbine structures which enable the access to a much larger energy potential that the one available in land and more easily manageable.
The aim of the SATH project is the demonstration in real conditions of a floating structure for offshore wind which will allow a reduction in LCOE (Levelized Cost Of Energy) over the current floating technology.
The SATH solution is a platform that consists of two cylindrical floats (of prestressed reinforced concrete) which can be manufactured onshore and transported and positioned at the final location in a single mooring point allowing the rotation of the platform on itself, self-aligning with the wind direction."" "
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    1 May 2019

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    30 April 2021

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