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Commercialization of 3D scaffold platforms for neuronal cell culture models

Commercialization of 3D scaffold platforms for neuronal cell culture models


The ongoing MESO-BRAIN project aims at the development of functional three-dimensional (3D) human stem cell derived neural networks on laser fabricated artificial scaffold platforms. Previous and contemporaneous attempts at generating 3D neural networks usually rely on biological matrices or gels providing randomly connected networks. In MESO-BRAIN, 3D scaffolds are integrated with conductive electrodes that enable both electrical stimulation of the network development and recording of the neural network activity. The development of such technological platform will be foundational for a new era of biological and medical research. In this FET Launchpad “Scaffold-Needs” project, we aim to make 3D scaffolds and 3D scaffold platforms with integrated electrodes commercially available via MESO-BRAIN spin-off company Laser nanoFab GmbH. We envisage that the 3D scaffold platforms will enable scientific and medical researchers to use them for a variety of studies e.g. as 3D neuronal cell models for investigations of fundamental mechanisms of human neuronal activity; in tests of pharmacological and toxicological compounds, in modelling of neuronal diseases, etc. There is a unique opportunity for the creation of a marketable product stemming from the work already performed and intended in MESO-BRAIN project. The commercialisation of MESO-BRAIN 3D scaffolds in collaboration with Laser nanoFab GmbH with FET Launchpad support represents an added value innovation which will raise the TRL level to TRL 5 and provide a solid basis for continued exploitation in the industrial sector. Depending upon the market analysis feedback, a 2nd round of optimisation and modification of the 3D scaffold platforms may be essential based upon special needs of potential customers to better target the market. A business plan for production and commercialisation of the 3D scaffolds and 3D scaffold platforms with integrated electrodes will be developed based upon the market analysis.
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    1 August 2019

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    31 January 2021

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