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3D X-ray Light-Field: low-dose X-ray imaging with X-ray wavefront sensors

3D X-ray Light-Field: low-dose X-ray imaging with X-ray wavefront sensors


This proposal presents the concept of X-ray Light-Field camera, an optical system based on X-ray wavefront sensor with a specific algorithm that allows getting a 3D image from a single acquisition. The main advantages of this camera are the very important decrease in the X-ray dose sent to the sample /patient and the fast acquisition time allowing us to do real time imaging. Two prototypes, working at two different energy range,s will be ready at the end of the FET-Open VOXEL project. One is working at ~0.4 keV and aims at performing biological cell imaging while the second one, at ~17keV, is focused on the small animal imaging. These prototypes target different markets and therefore different communities. We will also explore the commercial opportunities of medical imaging with X-ray wavefront sensor-based optical systems with the energy around 25-30 keV.

The goal of this project is to transform the two X-ray Light Field camera laboratory prototypes into pre-commercial products. The first step is to clarify for each prototype, the markets, the concurrent techniques, the risks (existing patents and regulation) and the specific needs required by the potential end-users. Depending on the research results, some changes might be applied to the prototypes and will be tested during collaboration with potential clients. Then, the results will be widely disseminated using classical channels, such as Imagine Optic’s website, scientific publications and conferences but also more modern channels like tutorial videos and social network announcements.
Nowadays, X-ray imaging with wavefront sensors is foreseen to become an important activity at Imagine Optic. It is thus of prime importance to consider the best internal organization to fully reach the potential market.

This project will be performed by Imagine Optic, a SME that has a large expertise in launching innovations related to wavefront sensors to the market.
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    1 September 2019

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    28 February 2021

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    € 100 000

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