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World's first mobile power grid and business ecosystem to support it

World's first mobile power grid and business ecosystem to support it


68% of people in Sub-Saharan Africa currently live with very limited access to energy. In these unserved areas, electricity is expensive and difficult to access. Decentralized power generation projects (based on renewable energies) could be the key to unlocking the electrification challenge. These projects, however, have yet to develop business models that are genuinely sustainable over the long term. The most feasible technology, based on solar power is facing limited spread. Solar panels are not often available; they are too costly, fixed to a location or impractical to move and require maintenance.

Pawa Technologies mission is to create the world’s first off-grid power eco-system turning people into power consumers, traders and producers - as a business, not by aid. Pawa is marketed towards people living in rural communities without access to the electric grid. Sub-Saharan Africa is a 600 million people market representing a €60 billion turnover. Pawa gives our target end users, the option to become power producers and sell excess power. For just a simple mobile phone charging micro-business, Pawa cost is recovered in less than 6 months and afterwards generates a steady income to the business owner, while granting savings in phone charges to their own neighbours.

Pawa Technologies is a dynamic start-up backed by Moonwalk, an incubation company with over 10 companies in its portfolio, devoted to address social and sustainability challenges. Moonwalk companies have created 23 jobs in 2 years and are growing in 3 continents. In June 2016, Pawa entered the market place to pilot the Pawa prototypes. Kenyan customers pre-bought over 350 Pawa Introductory packages in less than 5 Hours. Currently, Pawa Package version 4 has entered trial production.
At this point, we are situated to conduct product optimization that will reduce the cost, extend market presence in Kenya and penetrate additional countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.
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    1 May 2019

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    31 August 2019

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