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Intelligent Theatrical Distribution System

Intelligent Theatrical Distribution System


Digital and mobile society is threatening movie theatre industry. Users demand more content. Spectator behaviour is evolving to event-based experiences, single-day screenings and alternative contents. The classical approach misses all the customer info about due to poor traceability.
Traditional targeting at theatres instead of distributors complicates the movie industry digitalization, as there is no way to manage such complex theatrical environment worldwide.
ITDS is a smart movie distribution solution consisting of an Artificial Intelligence engine and predictive analysis (logistics regression and decision trees) working on multiple data sources in order to: (i) provide a prediction of box office results in an online platform; (ii) connecting movie theatres to the audience and (iii) suggesting the best movie schedule for each theatre, geographical location, audience gender & age, etc.
It provides customers (Movie owners & theatres) with a higher success rate (direct link between all stakeholders), low risk (revenue share model) and maximal ROI/box office, thanks to our marketing and focus on the long tail. It reaches to a new audience (35% our users do not frequently go to movie theatres).
For end users (audience) it will increase the movie offering available in theatres by 98% and provide better interactivity and communities.
ITDS will help Movieday in our international expansion to EU countries, nearly €200M revenue over 5 years and the creation of 158 additional qualified jobs by 2025.
Movieday is an Italian start-up, founded in 2014, fully dedicated to ITDS, its core project. It secured €600k support from public/private organizations and has a team of 10 movie industry and business professionals. Company turnover in 2017 was €250k and the company got €500k VC investment in Dec 2018.
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    1 May 2019

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    31 August 2019

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