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The therapy app for more air and health

The therapy app for more air and health


IIncreasing industrialization in emerging countries, high levels of pollution and smoking is leading to a rise in chronic respiratory diseases (CRDs) worldwide. Even though CRDs are not curable, there are efficient treatments against them, mainly delivering medication into the lungs using inhalers. Unfortunately, 90% of the patients are not using correctly their inhalers, leading to chronic under-use of the prescribed medication and poor management of the disease. VisionHealth, founded in 2017, provides CRD patients with a unique therapy companion to efficiently manage CRDs – the Kata app. With Kata, dynamic training and personalized feedback for optimal use of any commercial inhaler is, for the first time, possible using a combination of advance technology: (1) Machine Vision (MV) using a SIFT algorithm to discern among inhalers and handling, (2) Voice Recognition (VR) recognizing the drug intake and predicting it with RNN architecture, (3) Machine Learning (ML) linking MV and VR inputs and creating models to predict users’patterns, and (4) Augmented Reality (AR) guiding the user in real time based on the ML input. Kata will empower its users to master the usage of their inhaler by Kata’s personalized digital assistance. Kata will ensure high medication compliance in each inhalation to improve patient’s quality of life and functional capacities. Customers of Kata, healthcare insurance companies (HiCs) and pharmaceutical companies, will be able to reduce costs associated with poor patient health outcome and low adherence to medication. Moreover, these companies will be able to redefine their policies moving towards a patient-centered healthcare using the data collected from Kata’s users. VisionHealth aims at stablishing their business strategies and technical roadmap to launch an advance app into the market that will improve CRD patient’s health and, in addition, will provide highly valuable data to optimize HiCs’ and pharmaceutical companies’ activities.
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    1 May 2019

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    31 August 2019

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