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MASS SPECTROMETRY WITHOUT LIMITS: Pioneer MS equipment and Automated Sample Preparation unit to boost New Therapies Development

MASS SPECTROMETRY WITHOUT LIMITS: Pioneer MS equipment and Automated Sample Preparation unit to boost New Therapies Development


Modern medicine is evolving. Traditional drugs are small molecules with masses under 1 kDa. Emerging therapies increasingly rely on macromolecules 100 times this size: proteins, nanoparticles, viruses etc. Mass spectrometry is the primary tool for quantitative measurement in the pharmaceutical industry, generating revenues of €1.1Bn in 2015, but is failing to meet new demands. Conventional MS detectors become ineffective at 50 kDa making them incompatible with the emerging landscapes of biotechnology and nanomedicine.
With a combined 70 years’ experience in analytical instrumentation, we plan to commercialise MS-INFINITE, our solution for large analyte mass quantification. MS-INFINITE is a multicomponent system, comprising a cryodetector MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer allowing 100% detection efficiency, regardless of molecular mass. MS-INFINITE also offers a pioneering calibration method, allowing concentration of specific constituents of large analytes to be quantitatively determined by MS for the first time (patent submitted). Through a unique business model, MS-INFINITE will generate revenue by selling an Automated Sample Preparation (ASP) unit to end-users, allowing non-specialists to reproducibly prepare clinical and pharmaceutical material for measurement.
The market launch of MS-INFINITE’s ASP unit (2022) will bring the 1st revenues into our company, generating 18 new jobs, a cumulative profit of €11M, and a 5-years ROI of 5. Despite this, we believe our impact will be far more significant than company growth: MS-INFINITE has the potential to become the standard tool for quantification of analytes too heavy for existing mass spectrometers. With experts estimating that over 100 high molecular weight therapies will enter phase II or III clinical trials in 2020, our innovation will facilitate the development of pioneering advances in biotechnology and nanomedicine, allowing research to advance towards life-saving cures for cancer, Alzheimer’s and arthritis.
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Grant agreement ID: 868220


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    1 May 2019

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    31 August 2019

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    € 71 429

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