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Pressurised Rotational Oil Transfer – Experimental Unit & System


With the drive for engine cores to become smaller in size whilst operating at ever greater speeds and loads, the demands placed on the transmission systems are becoming ever greater.

Correspondingly, effective lubrication, liquid cooling and hydraulic actuation are increasingly essential to the performance and life span of engine transmission systems.

The above general trends, coupled with a recent resurgence of interest in open rotor engines, propel a need for new Oil Transfer Bearings (OTBs) to be developed. OTBs are required for two main reasons:
(a) to provide both lubrication to bearings of planetary gears when the carrier of an epicyclic gearbox rotates and
(b) to actuate movable objects on the rotating frame such as a blade pitch mechanism.

The proposed experimental rig and supporting computational model will investigate both of these conditions simultaneously.

UNOTT is well placed to carry out this work due to its experience in delivering high quality research relevant to bearings, seals, shafts and other parts of the gas turbine transmissions system that have become a feature in all recent engine development programmes at Rolls-Royce. This is an area of focus for the Gas Turbines and Transmissions Research Centre, which included a significant investment in research facilities that would allow research in this area of long-term strength at UNOTT to deliver benefits to the wider engines community and contribute to the global challenges we face to reduce noise and emissions.
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    1 June 2019

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    31 May 2022

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