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INdustrial LEvitation Technology


About 40% of the electricity worldwide is consumed by rotating electrical machines. However most of the electrical machines
are not working at the optimum point from a process efficiency perspective. The electricity demand is growing and
simultaneously greenhouse gas emissions must be significantly cut every year according to global agreements and regional
terms of legislation. Cost-effective high efficiency motor development is highly required.
SpinDrive provides highly efficient turn-key drivetrains (INLET), supported by frictionless magnetic bearings, for Original
Equipment Manufacturers.
INLET increases OEMs solutions’ system efficiency by at least 10%, reduce material consumption and simplify an equipment
installation process.
INLET lowers the customer’s lifecycle costs by 35%.
INLET reduces energy losses in the machine by half. For a 500-kW unit, this solution mitigates 200 tons of CO2 emissions
annually and enables 4-year payback time.
INLET enables 20 years of maintenance-free operations and saves on average more than 500 000 EUR on the maintenance
costs during the product lifetime.
INLET is completely oil-free, which allows OEM customers to enter rapidly growing markets and ensure an alignment with a
contaminant-free environmental strategy.
Compared with the other magnetic bearing providers, SpinDrive can design the entire drivetrain and make it more cost efficient.
Our sensor and controller technology enable 70% lower cost level and competitive pricing of delivered products.
SpinDrive is a spin-off of Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland, founded in 2015. Our INLET innovation builds upon
the high-speed technology research at the university during the past 35 years. INLET has already reached TRL7 and a solid
SMEI-1 feasibility study will guide our future growth as it will be used to acquire deep understanding of the market, competitors,
customer segments, end-users and stakeholders and enable us to reach TRL 9 through the SMEI-2 by 2021.
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    1 September 2019

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    29 February 2020

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