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Huple movement and coordination development tool


HUPLE provides early intervention and complex therapy for children with movement disorders, mostly resulting from birth injuries – and also to help healthy children improve their balance and coordination ability. It has already been used on 75,000 children with more than 50% of them successfully rehabilitated.
HUPLE is a patented (EU & US) hemisphere shaped balance swing that helps the development of dynamic stability of the head-trunk-pelvis unit through isolated and complex vestibular stimulation. It is used as rehabilitation tool for children with movement disorders and as a development tool for healthy new-borns, children and adults alike. It incorporates decades of knowledge and experience of improving dynamic stability handicapped children gained by the Gezenguz Foundation (which was set up by the inventor of HUPLE in 1990). Since its first release, the demand for HUPLE has increased tenfold without any emphasis on commercial activities limited by the production capacity. Furthermore, there is a lot of interest from therapy and rehabilitation centres across Europe who already use HUPLE and are demanding larger quantities with enhancements to improve the effectiveness of the therapy based on the work that has been carried out by our partner BME. This work focused on using 3D orientation sensors attached to HUPLE and using AI-based analytical, predictive and other therapy support software elements with corresponding hardware applications to make the assessment more reliable and to make it more acceptable and likeable by children through special games.
The aim of the Phase 1 feasibility study is to identify suitable business model that allows the manufacturing of HUPLE to become scalable in order to satisfy the demand of the market and to create a corresponding business and commercialisation plan for the sensor enhanced HUPLE product based on updated market analysis and customer need.
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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)

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€ 50 000

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Grant agreement ID: 887303


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    1 December 2019

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    31 May 2020

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    € 71 429

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