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The easiest way to build complete, correct and consistent embedded software for cyberphysical systems


"In the ""fourth industrial revolution"" (Industry 4.0) our society is already immersed, cyberphysical systems (CPS) are key to improve our way of life. CPS rely heavily on software innovation, so mastering the ability to innovate quickly in SW is crucial. Nevertheless, creating a complete, correct and consistent SW system is not trivial. During different stages of development, multiple defects can accumulate due to specification, design, or coding errors. Therefore, it is essential to undergo a testing phase to ensure that defects are remedied before the SW reaches the market. These defects can lead to massive economic losses for companies or, more importantly, putting people's lives at risk. Verum Software Tools BV is an independent company founded in 2014, aiming to revolutionize embedded software industry by introducing DEZYNE Enterprise with the purpose to be leaders within the Industry 4.0. DEZYNE is the definitive solution to develop complete, correct and consistent SW systems. DEZYNE is a SW development toolset that strengthens existing software engineering practices by enabling SW engineers to produce robust, reliable and resilient results through the application of validation and formal verification technologies. DEZYNE makes it possible to increase productivity by up to 300%, thanks to the automation of validation and verification of SW system models; to reduce field defects by up to 99.99%, thanks to advanced mathematical analysis for SW verification; and to reduce marketing time by more than 20%, speeding up and shortening the entire development process. This is achieved by focusing on detecting and repairing defects in a SW system during the specification and design phases, so that total costs, time and field defects are severely minimised. We estimate that this project will bring cumulative profits of €13.56 million by 2024 and the generation of 29 new job positions, with a ROI in 2024 of 4.61."
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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)

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€ 50 000

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Grant agreement ID: 890035


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  • Start date

    1 November 2019

  • End date

    29 February 2020

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  • Overall budget:

    € 71 429

  • EU contribution

    € 50 000

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