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Revisiting Europeanization in Southeast Europe. An Historical Approach

Project description

A historical approach to Europeanisation in south-east Europe

The Europeanness of south-east Europe is considered particularly and significantly different compared to other European countries. As a consequence, its Europeanisation process is often put under question. However, Europeanisation is not new in south-east Europe, dating back to the 19th century at least. The EU-funded RESEE project will approach Europeanisation research in south-east Europe as a complex historical process. It will study the ‘European otherness periphery’ under an innovative perspective that aims to contribute to the EU political integration project. It will integrate the predominant understanding in the historical dimension, assess the reciprocal influence between Europe and south-east Europe, and establish an explanatory model depicting causal mechanisms and actors’ interactions in the Europeanisation process.


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€ 186 167,04
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