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EXamining CHemistry and Nanoparticle Geometry Effects at the INterface of Liquid CrystalS

Project description

Revealing the inner workings of liquid crystals

Liquid crystals are notorious for their use in tiny digital watches and large flat panel displays. However, little is known about the particle interactions that take place at the interfaces of liquid crystals. The EU-funded EXCHANGE_inLCs project has set out to elucidate the particle–liquid crystal interactions on the sub-micron scale by examining the chemistry and nanoparticle geometrical effects at the interfaces of liquid crystals. The research will focus on how particle confinement, size and shape affect interactions. The project's results are expected to advance fundamental knowledge of nanoparticle self-assembly in anisotropic fluids, which is key to the development of new bottom-up approaches in nanotechnology.

Call for proposal

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Heidelberglaan 8
3584 CS Utrecht
Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
EU contribution
€ 187 572,48