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Opening sub-ice shelf cavities and exploring their impact on dense water Production and Export in NEMO global ocean models

Project description

Uncovering how ice shelves influence the deepest water mass on Earth

As a crucial climate system component, ice shelves control and feed the deep limb of the global ocean conveyor. Understanding the role that the seas under ice shelves play in influencing Antarctic water properties and circulation is therefore critical, as changes happening at these remote locations have global impacts. The EU-funded OPEN project will explore the influence of ocean-ice shelf interactions on the densest and deepest global water mass, Antarctic Bottom Water (AABW). The circulation of AABW constitutes the lower limb of the global overturning circulation and is responsible for transporting heat, carbon, oxygen and nutrients around our planet’s oceans. Project OPEN will use recent developments in NEMO global ocean configurations to explore AABW production and export.


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