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Disconnect2Reconnect? Understanding Well-Being in an Increasingly Digital Society

Project description

Strategies for managing digital media use

The rapid increase of social media usage and connectivity via numerous social media platforms and the potential negative effects on well-being is a topic of public concern. As ideas of controlled use of media and ‘digital detoxes’ gain popularity, there is an urgent need for scholars to understand how people’s strategies to manage their digital media use may enhance their well-being. The EU-funded Disconnect2Reconnect project will develop a theory-driven model to study the mechanisms of social media use, strategies of disconnecting from social media, and consequences for well-being among young adults. The project will use a multi-method approach and combine mobile experience sampling methods with panel surveys. It will contribute to developing recommendations, tailored guidelines and educational interventions, and give insight into how digital media can be used in a way that enhances well-being.


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8006 Zurich

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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