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Rendering 3D images with attributes learned from 2D images via Deep Learning

Project description

Drawing a new era for computer graphics

Technology is forever changing classroom instruction and learning in general. From online classes to virtual museum tours and improved gaming experiences, advances in technology are opening new frontiers. In this context, the EU-funded 3DIS-NN project is bringing to market a 3D image synthesis (3DIS) technology to render objects from different views to enable numerous applications in computer graphics and computer vision. By disentangling the attributes of objects and entangling them via a renderer for synthesising, the 3DIS can provide a technology to learn useful features from our visual world that can be used for video understanding, one of the biggest goals of artificial intelligence.


Net EU contribution
€ 145 355,52
Eskisehir Yolu 8 Km
06800 Bilkent Ankara

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Batı Anadolu Ankara Ankara
Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Other funding
€ 0,00