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Development of a Method for the Exploration the Joint Geology-Geophysics Model-Space

Project description

Simultaneous modelling of geological and geophysical data

Subsurface modelling that relies on geology and geophysics is important to understand Earth and sustainably manage natural resources. However, geological and geophysical models have different resolutions and are sensitive to diverse characteristics. The integration of geological data and knowledge with geophysical methods is one solution. The EU-funded GeoMos project proposes a different philosophy to address the challenge of connecting geological and geophysical modelling. It will develop an innovative method to integrate the two model types in a single framework modelling simultaneously geological and geophysical data and use a new hybrid deterministic-stochastic optimisation technique to estimate the diversity of features. The method will be applied in the Pyrenees mountains and Finland’s Kevitsa mine.


Net EU contribution
€ 184 707,84
Cours Leopold 34
54052 Nancy Cedex

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Grand Est Lorraine Meurthe-et-Moselle
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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