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Structural and cellular investigation of the regulation of ATP8B1/CDC50A, a human flippase important for the hepatic function

Project description

The role of phospholipid transfer in cholestasis in children

Inherited intrahepatic cholestasis is a rare condition that affects children and is characterised by recurrent jaundice and failure to grow. Recently, mutations of the human lipid flippase ATP8B1 have emerged as a potential disease cause. The EU-funded LivFlip project will study the role of the ATP8B1 protein known to mediate the transfer of phospholipids to the cytoplasmic part of the membrane and maintain membrane asymmetry in eukaryotic cells. Insight into the biochemical basis of lipid selectivity in lipid flippases will help understand the functional and structural consequences of ATP8B1 mutations and their role in intrahepatic cholestasis.


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