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Shear at the liquid/nano-fluid interface: Drag, slip, and friction.

Project description

Revealing new insight into nanofluid flow behaviour

Nanofluids are colloidal suspensions of nanometre-sized solid particles in a base fluid. A unique property is their modified flowing behaviour on surfaces stemming from internal structuring forces between nanospecies. This results in enhanced oil recovery compared to standard brine solutions. Funded by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions programme, the NANOSLIP project plans to gain a better understanding of how nanofluids behave at the interface with oils. In particular, researchers will investigate how ultrathin film nanofluids can reduce drag in response to shear between an immiscible liquid and a solid surface via colloidal probe techniques. Further insight into nanofluid behaviour will propel their use in oil recovery, lubrication, heat dissipation, soil remediation, nanomedicine and colloidal stability.


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