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Becoming Indigenous language speakers and writers in higher education

Project description

Revitalising indigenous languages through education

Weakened intergenerational transmission of indigenous languages, such as Quechua in Peru and Sámi in Norway, and limited opportunities to learn them in school, highlight the importance of revitalisation and reclamation efforts such as establishing teacher training programmes in indigenous languages. The EU-funded BSW project will provide theoretical contributions to the sociolinguistic framework of new speakers and novel multimodal methods for multilingualism research, drawing on comparative analyses of new speakers in education settings of Peru and Norway. A broader objective is to inform indigenous language revitalisation research and practice in Europe and Latin America, global social issues that are the focus of the UN's International Decade on Indigenous Languages (2022-2032) and the Sustainable Development Goals.

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€ 202 158,72
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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