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Intrinsically Dynamic Covalent Polymers


Aiming at enabling covalent polymers with intrinsically dynamic abilities, this proposal will focus on the dynamic chemistry of poly(1,2-dithiolanes) to explore their fundamentals and applications. The motivation of the research will rest on uncovering several fundamental questions and principles for the design of poly(1,2-dithiolane), including i) exploring the space of structure-property relationship, ii) realizing precision polymerization by supramolecular confinement, and iii) creating dynamic matter with biomimetic architectures and functions. The research approaches and strategies have been demonstrated in this proposal with detailed backgrounds, methods, and mechanisms. The two ways of knowledge will be launched by this action because of the favorable complementarity of the researcher and the host. The researcher bears a strong background of supramolecular chemistry and polymer chemistry, which is recognized by many renowned international awards and fellowships. The host lab is renowned for stereochemistry, photochemistry, and organic chemistry, which has built a great experimental platform as well as scientific prestige, including the winning of Nobel Prize for chemistry. This proposal also formulates a series of actions and plans to enhance the future career prospect of the researcher after the fellowship. The aspects of exploitation, dissemination, and communication are also involved in this proposal. Detailed work plans with effectiveness and training diversities are formulated, ensuring the action of this proposal with good balance among research, personal training, and career development. The project risks are reasonably evaluated and analyzed with sufficient protection of contingency plan. The high coherence and continuity of the proposed projects enable this proposal to be completed in the period of this action.

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Broerstraat 5
9712CP Groningen
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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€ 187 572,48