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REdox fLow batteriEs powered by eCo-maTeRiAls


Novel materials and developments for Energy Storage applications are the most active and successful research topics in Europe. Redox flow batteries (RFBs) are the only option for the implementation of the intermittent renewable energy as they promise long lifespam in a design with independently energy/powers output. However, the bottleneck to realize this energy scenario is the lack of stable and inexpensive components, which substantially breaks the energy storage/power limits. Thus, we propose to investigate a family of earth-abundant and recyclable materials, based on transition metal oxyanions clusters (polyoxometalates, POMs). This appealing alternative provides fast multi-electron transfer processes, offering excess of capacity in a reversible and stable fashion. Our research program involves the creation of electron-rich POMs structures based on W and Mo atoms in a low-cost synthesis process, suitable for large production. We will fabricate a large family of POMs, modulating their redox properties through the composition and electron delocalization properties. These features will maximize the energy density values through the implementation of POMs in the RFB, which will be tested into configurations: (1) POMs as redox active specie, and (2) POMs as charge carrier to solid active material confined in the tank. This intriguing and disruptive approach allows 10-fold energy density values in comparison with conventional RFBs. Additionally, the implementation of POMs molecules as active centers into innovative freestanding electrodes, with sophisticated architectures will surpasses the power values, though the suppression of side reaction as well as enhanced electrochemical activity. The reaction mechanism for the multi-electron transfer process at these interfaces will be completely understood and therefore controlled by the optimization of materials. The outcomes of this work will include next generation of RFB with unprecedent energy and power values targeted

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