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The role of civil liability reform in fire risk reduction in Iberian Peninsula (18th and early 19th centuries)

Project description

Reforming civil liability aided in reducing fire risk on the Iberian peninsula

Human activity has had a significant impact on the earth, responsible for destructive fires, droughts and heatwaves. Reforming civil liability will force contracting parties responsible for these events to face an increased risk at the individual level. The EU-funded LOWRISK project will demonstrate that during the 18th and early 19th centuries the reform of civil liability, resulting in a progressive reduction of the circumstances that allowed considering a fire a fortuitous case, played a determining role in the progressive reduction of fire risk. This will demonstrate to society the important role that the civil liability reform can have in reducing the anthropogenic risks and highlight that historical memory can contribute to the social perception of risk, making society less vulnerable to hazards.


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