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Untangling fibroblast plasticity in vascular ageing

Project description

The role of fibroblasts in vascular function and ageing

Ageing cells progressively lose their structural properties and physiological function. With respect to the vascular system, changes in the vascular wall due to ageing could translate into loss of arterial elasticity and reduced compliance. In turn, this increases the risk for hypertension as well as atherosclerotic and cardiovascular disease. The EU-funded FIB-AGE project focuses on the role of fibroblasts in vascular function and ageing. The project will employ a multi-disciplinary approach to characterise different mesenchymal cell populations at the single-cell level. Identification of key molecular players promoting vascular ageing and dysfunction will lead to novel therapeutic targets and interventions.


Net EU contribution
€ 187 572,48
Minderbroedersberg 4
6200 MD Maastricht

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Limburg (NL) Zuid-Limburg
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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€ 187 572,48