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Microfossils and data science: a new approach to infer the impact of global climate on plankton Macroecology

Project description

Plankton help predict the impact of climate change on oceans

Scientists need to understand the fate of oceans and marine ecosystems due to ongoing climate change. The EU-funded MICRO2MACRO project will use the microfossil record of planktonic foraminifera (PF) to reconstruct marine pelagic ecosystems between 54 and 32 million years ago, when climate and environmental conditions approximated what we will begin to experience in the next century. The research fellow will generate the first reproducible early Cenozoic global dataset of ecology, abundance, species composition, diversity and biogeography for these prolific pelagic calcifiers. Using data generated over the last 15 years, they will apply novel data-science tools to compile ocean temperature and chemistry datasets and statistically compare them against the new PF dataset generated by the project.


Net EU contribution
€ 162 806,40
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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