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Postimperial Memories, Gender and Trauma in the Anthropocene: A Change of Feminist Perspective on Turkey

Project description

A feminist approach on trauma in Turkish literature

Addressing grief and trauma in our times – the Anthropocene era – demand new approaches. Also, ‘slow violence’ is incremental with disastrous consequences for decades or centuries. However, most of the existing narrative rely on Western and European human-centred, techno-focused, and masculinist approaches and ignores the feminist aspect of the problem. The EU-funded POGETA project will study the Anthropocene trauma in post-imperial Turkey and among the Turkish diaspora under feminist and queer perspectives. The project will explore how public intellectuals remember and dramatize the surviving effects of the Ottoman period, the environmental consequences of war and genocide, climate trauma, and other slow violence forms in modern Turkish literature.


Net EU contribution
€ 157 355,52
Orta Mahalle Universite Caddesi N 27 Tuzla
34956 Istanbul

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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