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Extracellular vesicles as a tool to predict drug clearance and improve precision pharmacotherapy

Project description

Extracellular vesicles to predict drug response and clearance

Drug absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination are mediated through specific transmembrane drug transporters. Transporter expression is highly variable among individuals as well as among different tissues in the same individual and may lead to different drug concentrations in the plasma and serious adverse effects. There is no easy way of determining drug transporter expression; in order to achieve this, the EU-funded EVPERS project proposes to use extracellular vesicles in blood and urine. Correlation of transporter levels in extracellular vesicles with those in native tissue will validate the approach and help predict drug pharmacokinetics in a non-invasive manner.


Net EU contribution
€ 162 806,40
Im Neuenheimer Feld 672
69120 Heidelberg

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Baden-Württemberg Karlsruhe Heidelberg, Stadtkreis
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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