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Soviet Ellipses: Omissions as Techniques of Border Transgression in Photography, Literature, and Everyday Life

Project description

Framing Soviet ellipses as subversive strategies

The Soviet Union ellipses (conscious omissions) in Soviet photography, literature, and daily life emerged as subversive strategies against political repression and restriction of expression. The EU-funded SOVEL project will demonstrate how these ellipses functioned as challenging techniques against constructed symbolic borders and reframe our understanding of cultural counter practices under the Soviet regime. The project will examine the creation, accumulation, function, and the creative power of ellipses by developing a methodological model to analyse ellipses as techniques transgressing different forms of borders. SOVEL will combine literary studies, border studies, image theory, cultural semiotics with geographic information systems (GIS) to perform theoretical investigation, interpretation, systematisation, and comparison of ellipses regarding production, representation, and border crossing.


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€ 202 158,72
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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€ 202 158,72