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The Paris DYNAMO Fellowship Programme


FP-DYNAMO-PARIS will tackle fundamental scientific questions in the field of energy conversion using interdisciplinary approaches. Over the decades, this field has encompassed increasingly large applications from agronomy to medical research and now climate impacts on the biosphere. These new research themes bring new challenges of increasing urgency, requiring the training of a new generation of researchers capable of leading scientific progress in such complex and interdisciplinary fields.
The DYNAMO consortium is structured to answer this challenge by providing young researchers with a human environment that will foster their growth as future leaders. This will be done through an almost century-long interdisciplinary tradition, combined with strong links to international and non-academic partners.
FP-DYNAMO-PARIS goal is to bring new conceptual advances in environmental and health sciences, by recruiting promising experienced researchers (ERs) with a selection process combining excellence and inclusivity; by providing them with a professional opportunity to further their scientific projects, personal skill development and networking opportunities to reinforce their profiles; and by allowing them to face the challenges and requirements of their future career positions when they have research teams of their own. To achieve this, their research activity will be accompanied by opportunities to expand their skillset with outreach programmes and dedicated training, including a retreat at the University of Padova, courses on entrepreneurship and technology transfer, as well as mentoring on gender balance issues and leadership.
From gene expression and genome organization to the final assembly of the macromolecular photosynthetic complex, ERs will explore the energy conversion machinery developed by microorganisms across evolution and will be trained in state-of-the-art techniques to become experts in a broad variety of disciplines needed for successful careers.

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