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IN²LISBON - Innovative and Inclusive Lisbon

Project description

Innovative investments in Lisbon and urban diversity

Public policies and private investments for innovation may reproduce privileges and reinforce dynamics of urban segregation and inequality. The EU-funded IN2LISBON project will investigate whether these operations advance or disregard social inclusion of women, ethnic minorities and low-income citizens, as well as urban diversity. The project will study Lisbon's neighbourhoods of Beato and Marvila, where there is a clear articulation between urban renewal interventions and national and municipal symbolic strategies aiming to reposition Lisbon and Portugal on the global map. The interventions in these two areas are promoted as an instrument to establish innovative and creative industries and an open entrepreneurial city of world reference and consolidate Portugal as a cosmopolitan, open and innovative state.


Net EU contribution
€ 147 815,04
Av Prof Anibal De Bettencourt 9
1600 189 Lisboa

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Continente Área Metropolitana de Lisboa Área Metropolitana de Lisboa
Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Non-EU contribution
€ 0,00