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Reconstructing the complete developmental lineage of Platynereis dumerilii

Project description

Mapping the developmental process of Platynereis dumerilii

All cells in multicellular organisms are descendants of the same totipotent zygote, committed to a subset of expression programmes in the course of development. The stepwise reduction of differentiation potential is described as Waddington’s epigenetic landscape or Waddington lineage. The specific gene expression cell programmes are governed by transcription factors and the effector genes that give rise to the cellular phenotype. Funded by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions programme, the DeCoDe Platy project aims to reconstruct the Waddington lineage of model organism Platynereis dumerilii using single-cell RNA-sequencing and chromatin accessibility data for multiple developmental stages. The goal is to create a map that connects gene expression with the subcellular morphology and locations in the animal body.


Net EU contribution
€ 174 806,40
Meyerhofstrasse 1
69117 Heidelberg

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Baden-Württemberg Karlsruhe Heidelberg, Stadtkreis
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Research Organisations
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€ 174 806,40