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Orphic Lithika : A New Edition


The Orphic Lithika constitute a short poem in hexameters (774 lines) about the miraculous virtues of 29 stones, the author and the date of composition of which remain unknown. The aim of my research is to provide an overall study of this relatively poorly studied text, which is still lacking today: a reliable critical text, a faithful translation of the poem accessible even to non-classicists, and an extensive historical-literary and philosophical commentary which sheds light on the exact significance of a little-known text and its context of production. The methodology and approach that I will implement for the constitution of the text, the translation and the commentary will be traditional. The most innovative aspect of my work will consist in the attempt to propose a new comprehensive interpretation of the poem, starting from the hypothesis of its composition at the end of the 4th century AD within the milieu of the pagan philosophers who were friends and followers of the emperor Julian (361-363) – also known as “the Apostate” due to his failed attempt to restore pagan religious traditions in a Roman Empire which, by his times, had largely become Christianized. This project will enhance my creative and innovative scholarly potential and enable me to diversify my individual competence in terms of new skills acquisition, thanks to advanced training and international mobility. This would by in full conformity to the spirit and mission of the Marie Curie actions.

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