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Venomics of Prey-Specialised Spiders in the Evolutionary and Ecological Context

Project description

Spider venom as an environmentally friendly pesticide

The EU-funded SpecSpiderVenom project will study spider venom from the organismal to the molecular level using behavioural experiments, venom potency bioassays and proteo-transcriptomics to discover new bioactive compounds with potential industrial applications. The venom composition of selected prey-specialised species will be investigated to identify toxins with high efficiency. Information on the venom properties will be placed within an ecological context to shed more light on the evolution of venomic adaptations in specialised predators. Toxins of prey-specialised predators may be potentially useful as novel active ingredients of biopesticides due to their high specificity. Therefore, the project will explain how the mechanisms underlying specialised venoms work, facilitating the development of environmentally safe biopesticides that target specific pests.


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