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Moral Vagueness in a Mind-Independent World

Project description

Shedding light on moral vagueness

Moral vagueness (MV) strongly influences people’s ethical outlook, behaviour and choices. In the moral domain, the sorites paradox (known as the paradox of the heap) provides a substantial indication of the MV existence. However, the sources of MV remain unknown. By researching and explaining its sources, it could be possible to assume that the robust moral realism is true and that moral epistemicism and moral indeterminacism have clear implications for what we ought to do when challenged with moral vagueness. In the EU-funded MVG project, this hypothesis will be tested by using combined expertise in vagueness and decision-making, as well as vagueness and meta ethics. The research will contribute to several subfields of philosophy and practical ethics.


Net EU contribution
€ 191 852,16
Von Kraemers Alle 4
751 05 Uppsala

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Östra Sverige Östra Mellansverige Uppsala län
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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