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EXamining how Past demography affects genetic LOad using Ancient DNA

Project description

Ancient DNA elucidates evolutionary response to new selection pressure

DNA sequencing from ancient temporally spaced samples helps to answer questions about evolutionary responses to ecological changes and novel selection pressures, by quantifying ecological and genetic parameters collected along the changes line. Exploiting natural experiments and well-known study systems in evolution, the EU-funded EXPLOAD project will investigate parallel adaptation to freshwater of marine threespine stickleback through the rise in frequency of freshwater-associated alleles. The rapid ongoing global climate changes represent new selection pressures, and the study of natural selection dynamics will provide insights into the potential fate of biodiversity. Application of the palaeogenomics approach to samples, collected along the evolutionary continuum, will address the question of whether there is a mutational cost to natural selection.


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€ 625 229,00
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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