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Development of a Complete Triple Action Injectable Treatment for Osteoarthritis

Project description

Innovative injectable treatment for osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) affects millions of people around the globe and is the main cause of disability due to an aging population and the obesity epidemic. Knee joint OA brings severe pain and reduced mobility caused by progressive degradation of bone and cartilage. Scientific data shows that OA treatment requires multi-modal therapeutics. Relevium Medical in Ireland developed Hydrobloc that regenerates the damaged cartilage. provides pain relief and improves joint function through a cushioning lubricant effect. Preclinical studies demonstrated the return to 90% of normal joint function level. The EU-funded ARTIGEL project will conduct validation of the pre-clinical results in large animal models and the development of a business plan for transition to commercialisation.


Osteoarthritis (OA) is an incurable complex disease affecting an estimated 240 million people globally including 40 million Europeans . OA is the fastest growing cause of disability due to an aging population and the obesity epidemic and affects more people each year than cancer and heart disease. In knee OA progressive degradation of bone and cartilage in the joint results in severe pain and reduced mobility.
Current treatments for Knee OA target only one aspect of the disease, yet most recent scientific data highlight the need for multi-modal therapeutics to treat this complex disease. Furthermore, the limitations of treatments force 80% of patients to rely on strong, addictive pain medication. Through the Hydrolieve ERC proof of concept grant, it was proven that Hydrobloc, statistically significantly reduced pain sensations in an in vivo pain model. These exciting results led Dr Alison Liddy to spin-out Relevium Ltd.
Hydrobloc unique synergistic triple action addresses all aspects of this debilitating disease. Hydrobloc is the only therapeutic that regenerates the damaged cartilage whilst providing immediate, superior pain relief, and improving the physical function of the joint through a cushioning lubricant effect. Pre-clinical studies have proven that Hydrobloc returns the OA joint to 90% of normal (non-OA) physical function.
With this EIC grant, Relevium is partnering with NUI Galway to validate the pre-clinical results in larger animals and preclinically test for other OA indications. Relevium will compile the clinical trial dossier and develop a business model towards the maturation and transition to commercialisation.


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