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Sepsis Diagnosis via Integrated Breath Sensing System with Change-Point Detection for Real-Time Point-of-Care

Project description

A point-of-care solution for timely diagnosis of infections before clinical symptoms

The frequency of septic shock occurrence as a cause of death imposes the need for a more advanced sepsis diagnosis protocol. As time plays a pivotal role in monitoring and intervention, the early diagnosis of the infection from the pathogens and timely intervention are key elements. The EU-funded SepsISensoR project aims to develop a technological solution to detect in real-time pre-symptomatic signs of sepsis based on transient changes of exhaled breath biomarkers in early sepsis stages. By reducing valuable diagnosis time, time in Intensive Care Units, sepsis fatalities, and cost, the SepsISensoR system appears to be an essential tool against viruses and pandemics.


Net EU contribution
€ 148 488,00
Avenue Panepistimiou 2109 Aglantzi
1678 Nicosia

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Κύπρος Κύπρος Κύπρος
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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