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Column with AC-EOF Induced Vortices for HPLC


In most high-performance analytical instruments, which are used to carry out blood analysis, for example, the first step is separation, in which the various components in a sample to be examined are divided into groups before being presented to a detector. Further improvement of the process is limited due to the slow spontaneous transport of the components in the traditionally exploited, naturally occurring, diffusion process.
In the context of ERC Starting Grant EVODIS, the µFlow group of Prof. Wim De Malsche of VUB was able to generate a vortex mixing effect between channel walls of microdevices, in order to accelerate the mass transport rate much more than what is possible by pure diffusion only, therewith reducing dispersion. This effect was achieved by applying an oscillating electric field.
In EVO-LC these lateral vortices will be integrated in an HPLC column to realize an improvement in chromatographic efficiency by a factor of 2-3 under relevant chromatographic conditions. As part of the ERC POC a demonstrator for such miniaturized HPLC column will be built. The new column promises faster and higher-performance separations in a miniaturized system, which can be used in analytical labs, but also for patients in a point-of-care setting. One possible application is the analysis of haemoglobin levels for better diagnosis and monitoring of diabetes.


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