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Futuring Peace: the Politics of Water Conflict in a Post-truth Age

Project description

Solving the water problem amid so many scientific ‘truths’

The 2021 report of the Independent Panel on Climate Change devoted 200 pages to water – related to drought, wildfires and flooding. It highlighted the vulnerability of weak states and agricultural communities to address inefficient water regulations and scarce resources. Meanwhile, the digital expansion of the public space has resulted in the proliferation of a multitude of ‘truths’ regarding climate risks. In this context, the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Water Governance project will focus on how the inter-related issues of climate change, technology, rising illiberal global powers and post-truth politics around water resources are connected. To find answers, the project will carry out a qualitative case study of international intervention, water governance and water conflict in the Ferghana Valley in central Asia.


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