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Modelling and computer simulations of post-release movements of European Lynx species to improve decision-making and success of conservation translocations

Project description

Lynx movements help lynx conservation

Conservation translocations (CTs) attempt to reinforce or bring back endangered populations of animal species for ecosystem and biodiversity enhancement, such as the two emblematic species of lynx in Europe: the Eurasian and the Iberian lynx. In CTs, the selection of release sites is mostly based on expert knowledge and habitat selection analyses of animals in their source environment. However, CTs often show partial success due to environmental and human factors. The EU-funded LYNXONTHEMOVE project wants to use empirical information from the observed post-release behaviour of already translocated lynxes. This multidisciplinary research will combine geospatial methods, reintroduction science, conservation biology, and animal ecology and behaviour to help CTs succeed.


Net EU contribution
€ 155 559,36
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1000 Ljubljana

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Slovenija Zahodna Slovenija Osrednjeslovenska
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